We are specializing part of the company Dolis, with long tradition in catering and wedding organization.
"Salona catering" is fully professional and dedicated catering, organizing various events and events.
We are ready to offer different types of menus, considering all your desires and specialties.
Bruschetta with salsa and marinated anchovies
Vegetable baskets and beef noodles
Shrimps cocktail
Octopus on cream of fresh cheese and swiss chard
Cornet with salmon pate and trout spawn
Sausage pate with pistachios
Tuna on spoon with forest fruit sauce
Barge with shrimp salad
Mini mozzarela with cherry tomato
Salmon roses on cheese cream and herbs




Selection of cheeses-(Livanjski, young, cheese with herbs, cheese from oil)

Caprese (tomato, mozzarella with fresh basil)

Marinated anchovies on a a wild arugula

Marinated shrimps on arugula

Tuna in saura


Viška pogaća

Octopus carpaccio

Octopus salad

Tuna pate

Sausage pate

Smoked salmon on a fresh cheese

Seasonal salad selection

Black risotto
Four kinds of mushrooms risotto
Chorizo risotto(chili,salsa, sousage)
Beef noodles risotto with arugula
Leek risotto with bacon
Gnocchi with asparagus and prosciutto
Gnocchi with beef ragout and mushrooms
Dalmatian „pašticada „with gnocchi
Gnocchi with salmon and zucchini
Gnocchi with chicken in gorgonzola cheese
Tagliatelle with seafood
Tagliatelle with turkey meat, carrot and zucchini
Tagliatelle with seiss chard cream and fresh cheese
Tagliatelle with shrimps
Pasta with prosciutto and truffles
Chicken medallions in mushrooms  sauce
File sea bass 
Tuna fish medallions
Monkfish in sparkling wine sauce
Fried calamari
Turkey meat with mozzarella
Filet mignon
Sweets by choice